Boot Camp Instructor Max Posternak Personal Trainer George Perelshteyn          Thank you very much for inquiring about our personal training and boot camp gym. We realize that you have many questions about how to get the body you want, and we understand it is a difficult task to find an experienced trainer. So, we would like to thank you for trusting your fitness goals, your quality of life, and most importantly your HEALTH to us. At the Gravity Training Zone, achieve amazing results thanks to our evolving training formula. We are constantly producing results for people that have never enjoyed fitness before! 


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Morganville Boot Camp Member (Rebecca)
Morganville Boot Camp Member(Miles)
Morganville Boot Camp Member (Judy)
Morganville Boot Camp Member (Nicolette)


Why Train With Us?

  1. Our team is the best and most experienced in the area.

  2. Professional large scale personal training. You will never exercise alone again.

  3. Working out at your average gym leaves the instruction of fitness on your shoulders. At GTZ you are trained by a well reputable personal trainer every session.

  4. We offer functional training programs for improvements in athletic performance, sports, hobbies, and in day to day lifestyle activities.

Morganville Boot Camp Member (Mika)Mika Wins 2nd Place in NPC Bikini  (Long Branch)





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