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This High Intensity Resistance Training workout is exclusively for MEMBERS ONLY. Above all, this is the toughest workout we have to offer. In this advanced training bootcamp, you will keep a high speed in all of your compound resistance training exercises. For members trying to push their limits, we promise you this: you will HIRT!

HIRT bootcamp in freehold nj

Performance Power:

This is another Members Only bootcamp. Intense style of circuit training encompasses both cardiovascular and resistance training exercises. Combining the two in a high energy, fast paced fashion provides a workout that is both aerobic and anaerobic at the same time. Build muscle while losing fat all in 60 minutes!

Performance Power bootcamp in freehold nj

Upper Body / Lower Body:

These training workouts are focused on either the upper extremities or the lower. In either case, muscle groups are pinpointed to add lean muscle tissue, conditioning, and tone to muscles in the lower or upper body. Maximal benefit can be obtained from taking both classes on a weekly basis.

Lower Body bootcamp in freehold nj


Metabolic Conditioning:

These workouts improve your metabolism by targeting and growing lean muscle throughout the body. One pound of muscle can burn up to 50 calories per day at rest! Putting ten pounds of muscle on you will melt an extra pound of fat off your body EVERY WEEK just by up-keeping that lean muscle mass. Your muscles will not only grow in size, but will also tone accordingly to show the beauty of the human body. If you’re one of those people spending endless hours on that treadmill and seeing no results, our metabolic conditioning programs are your solution.Boot camp client from Marlboro Penny


GTZ Boxing:

Our cardiovascular boxing workouts are geared to develop your cardiovascular strength, core strength, along with teaching you the basics and progressions of boxing. GTZ boxing workouts are a great training supplement to resistance training. Members should focus on taking multiple boxing workouts if outside cardiovascular programming is not adhered to. These boxing workouts ill leave you drenched and your heart in a functional, conditioned shape. Members are asked to purchase their own boxing gloves. (Please see one of the GTZ trainers for details.)

Marlboro Boot Camp Beast of the Month Nina Wysocki


Rapid Fat Loss:

Our Rapid Fat Loss workouts are a great form of cardiovascular training through the use of plyometrics, speed and agility training, and calisthenics. RPL exercises are geared to generate an elevated heart rate for the duration of the training sessions with the purpose of burning more calories during the period of your workouts. Concepts of power training and athletic training will be incorporated in order to improve conditioning and everyday functional activities.Marlboro Boot camp and PT


TRX Suspension and Kettlebells:

Unlike our other weight training workouts, this mixed style of training is the most functional. All motions are multi-joint exercises involving the use of kettlebells and the TRX Suspension Training Bands. Through this style of training, everyday activities will become much easier to perform and you will become increasingly injury free!

Marlboro boot camp client Anna


Buns & Guns:

This sculpting workout will blast your entire mid section along with your arms. There’s a reason that your mid section is sought after as a major vanity point; it provides your body the foundation for every movement you make. Buns & Guns targets the areas of the core (abdominals & lower back) along with your arms (bi’s, tri’s, shoulders, & forearms) in a high intensity weight training workout.

Buns & Guns to build muscle and lose fat



This high intensity workout is for members only. Kickstart your heart rate and your endurance training with high heavy repetitions and intense cardio supersets. This will leave you gasping for air and dripping with sweat as you push through 60 minutes of our most intense cardio workout.


Open gym time is for you to come do your own workout. One of the trainers is available to ask questions, however, this time is for you to either go through your own workout. As long as the trainer isn’t training a client and doing their own workout instead, you can partake and follow that day’s workout.

Morganville Bootcamp Schedule

479 Route 79

Morganville, NJ 07751


Monday – Friday Hours

Morning (6am – 10am)

Evening (5:30pm – 8:30pm)


Saturday , Sunday Hours

9am – 11am


Freehold Fitness Bootcamp

[Coming 2016]

4231 Route 9

Freehold, NJ 07728

Hours of Operation

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